Our expertise fits broadly into one of three categories: Internet Connectivity, Point to Point and Technology Management

Underneath these broad categories, we cover many solutions. In 2020, we started as a telecom specialist with a simple focus: Operating Solutions for the enterprise market. 

  • We are EXPERTS in telecom and  provide simple services globally, depending on your preferences, ranging from DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) to BIA (Broadband Internet Access)
  • We are a TRUSTED and CERTIFIED Reseller of Internet Products from many Carriers and ISPs worldwide. Unlike traditional Telco vendors, we don't need to follow strategic investor targets. We follow your requirement and operate the Best Practice Solution for you. What we do have is visibility to 400+ clients buying and managing connectivity services so that we can get you real-time feedback on pricing, support experience and financial stability of each Infrastructure Provider and Vendor, saving you many hours on shortlisting right solutions and increasing transparency through negotiations. 

Internet Connectivity:

Regardless of the fancy things going on in the overlay network, its performance depends on the ability of the underlay network to do its job. Keep in mind, that underlay networks are where all WAN connections terminate. The best overlay network is useless, if the connectivity of the underlay network is not given. We operate as close as possible on the last mile in order to keep service operation as flexible as possible regardless of Broadband or Dedicated Services.
Today's distributed computing model poses other considerations around WAN connectivity.

Many companies have shifted their applications and data away from on-premises data centers to private or public clouds.
Therefore, the SD-WAN underlay network must be able to accommodate this shift in data flows. WAN selection and bandwidth sizing must be reworked to squeeze the most out of the SD-WAN. This means existing WAN links will need to be right-sized for bandwidth, latency and resiliency. And that is the area, where we are experts in.

Private Point to Point:

When businesses use the public internet, their data may be routed differently at different times or rerouted to reach its destination. With a point-to-point connection, data travels a predictable path, meeting your expectations (and Carriers and ISPs promises) for a high quality of service (QoS). And that is the area, where we are experts in. Point to Point connections are extremely secure, so much so that only limited data encryption may be necessary when using them. However, if an extremely high degree of security is required, think government or finance, some carriers offer encryption with their Point to Point services. 

Multi Vendor Technology Management:

Multi Vendor environments are currently common practice at large companies. Enterprise IT solutions are very complex and in order to deliver full functionality many companies elect to mix third party vendors. Typically, we are talking about projects which are so large, they easily can be split into areas of expertise. Putting different IT companies in charge of their own domains like: Development, QA, Coordination (PO, Scrum Master, Project Management, Operations and Support). 

In this particular cases, we can be your main contact, that performs all of the project scope managing the different suppliers. 

We have been recognized by multiple customers for our expertise