Partner Eco System

We work with the most relevant and highly specialized players in the industry. Get the best mix for your requirements

At C.I.D., we work with big players in the Telco industry as well with the small ones who have a local presence and experience. Furthermore we cooperate with a small number of SD-WAN overlay network operators. Some of them we want to mention here.

We partner with:

  • Telcos like: Verizon, Colt, Telia, Swisscom, GTT, KPNQWest
  • SD WAN Overlay Providers like: Open Systems
  • specialized ISPs and Aggregators like: Advantage Communication Group, SWAN, JMP, 1OT, Litecom, BSO, Belcenter, Inithec,

We provide a valuable extra layer of support to get our customers requirements fulfilled by offering the best match based on a Multi Vendor Quotation.

However if you represent a local ISP, carrier or specialized SD-WAN player, feel free to get in contact with us in order to get onboarded in our partner eco system.

How we engage our Partners

For years, it was common practice in the IT and telecom industry to submit tenders for individual or multiple services by E-Mail. This turned out to be tedious and very confusing. Therefore, in a partnership with SB Capacity GmbH in Zurich, we have decided to manage all requests for prices and offers via this online platform. Our Partners do not receive any E-Mails from us, but enter their offers directly into this software platform. This way we are not only very fast in answering our customers`requests, but we also have an enormous treasure of data regarding market overview and prices, from which our customers benefit.