It`s all about connectivity

You choose your SD-WAN Solution

and we provide the global Underlay Network

Global Connectivity for most competitive rates

We are a global reseller of corporate Internet and data products using various national and international Telecoms providers.
We offer these services to all International based companies.

C.I.D. Telekom has access to years of benchmarking data, so you achieve the most competitive rates on products and services. Our process has saved clients already a lot of Euros, Dollars and Pounds, allowing them to reinvest in future technology solutions that drive business results.

Freeing up time for what matters

By leveraging on our team years of experience, allows you to free up your internal resources for mission critical projects. Partnering with us significantly reduces the amount of time your teams spend on tasks associated with managing telecom, providers and technology solutions.

Neutrality – with no limits

As a neutral provider, we exclusively pursue your interests as a customer. For us, each project is self-contained without dependencies on infrastructure, global sales strategies, or technological limitations. We deliver exactly your needs, not more, not less.

Simplicity – Automatization – Standards

We reduce our effort and costs by focusing on simplicity, automatization and standards. This is also lived by the fact that our systems, processes and communications are exclusively in English.

Without a solid SD-WAN underlay foundation, you won’t reap SD-WAN’s true benefits.